Team & Advisors

Company background and core team information

Harmony’s core team

  • Stephen Tse: Google engineer, startup founder (acquired by Apple), UPenn CS Phd (telegram)

  • Rongjian Lan: Google Search engineer, Maryland PhD candidate (linkedin)

  • Minh Doan: Google Voice AI engineer, Olympiad champion, UC PhD candidate (linkedin)

  • Nick White: Zeroth AI specialist, Stanford EE BS & MSc (telegram)

  • Sahil Dewan: Edtech startup founder, Draper Dragon, Harvard MBA, CS BS (telegram)

  • Eugene Kim: Amazon/Blizzard/NTT network engineer, CS BS (linkedin)

  • Leo Chen: Amazon AWS & Kindle engineer & manager of 8, CS BS & MSc (linkedin)

  • Chao Ma: Amazon NLP & fraud engineer, Math PhD (linkedin)

  • John Whitton: SAP Engineer, Tooling and Protocols, University of Queensland BS CS (linkedin)

  • Andy Wu: DevOps Engineer, Simon Fraser, MBA M.A.Sc (linkedin)

  • Edgar Aroutiounian: Software Engineer, Columbia MA (linkedin)

  • Dennis Won: Facebook, Microsoft, Software Engineer, Stanford CS (linkedin)

  • Ganesha Upadhyaya: Software Engineer SAP, Amazon Iowa State CS PhD (linkedin)

  • Li Jiang: logistics startup founder, Global Tech/Education Summit organizer, GSV Capital (telegram)

  • Mary Dansker: blockchain agency founder, Draper University mentor, business innovation MSc (telegram)

  • Garlam Won: ICONIZ global partnership, Deloitte consultant, featured in Forbes (telegram)

  • Robin Schmidt: Award-winning filmmaker and creative director, Oxford BA (linkedin)

  • Nikos Kostopoulos: Business and community management, Athens University MSc (linkedin)

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Select collaborators

  • Hakwan Lau (professor of neuroscience and machine learning at UCLA) — working with Harmony on healthcare blockchain use cases and human episodic memory. Link

  • Ka-yuet Liu (professor of medical data and network analysis at UCLA) — working with Prof. Lau on data marketplace models in science. Link

  • Zi Wang (9 years at Google, founder of Google X lab on retail) — partnering with Harmony on developing the early use cases and product strategy.

  • Bruce Huang (8 years at Microsoft, director at Alibaba Cloud and CreditEase) — helping with China developer community engagement and tooling initiatives.