What to do with your token once you have it

You got some tokens... now what?

Okay, you were brave, you took the plunge. We said 'Be the ONE' and you said 'Yeah, that's me, I'm the ONE...' and you bought tokens. And we know that you aren't the kind of person to just sit and HODL and turn a blind eye to everything else you could be doing.

But... the market is going crazy and you're not entirely sure what the next step is. You probably bought tokens speculatively at this stage and that's okay. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.

The crypto public markets can be savage and soul-crushing in their volatility and we understand the nasty effect this can have on you, the token-holder. One way we mitigate this is to develop and bolster the fundamentals, creating . If this were real money you'd be able to do something with it, like buy groceries, stick it in the bank for that epic interest rate you've been promised (see below), or just plain give it away to charity because you're a good person. Yes you are.

According to the FDIC, the national average interest rate on savings accounts currently stands at 0.09% APY.

Well tokens, when they're really cooking, can do all that and a lot more besides. As we continue to develop the protocol more utility will open up but here are some ways in which you can do more with your $ONE.

  • Stake your tokens in an official wallet and benefit from a much higher rate of turn than that offered by your bank

  • Delegate your stake to one of our recognised staking partners such as Everstake or Honest Mining

  • As collateral to run a node and earn validator rewards

  • Earn rewards by completing tasks for the community through Social Mining

  • To power decentralised market-making services using Hummingbot

Go deeper... there's so much more you can do. We look forward to you being able to pay for your groceries through the likes of Crypto.com's debit card, or take advantage of decentralised financial services like MakerDAO. Those will come in time.