Social Mining

Community led value creation
They wouldn't be stuck if they used social mining...

What is Social Mining?

Social Mining is the most advanced resource to convert any tokenized ecosystem into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Harmony uses the Daomaker platform to build out our extended community and create a dynamic network of useful humans.

To participate in Social Mining, a project’s stakeholders and community members sign-up on a designated community dashboard. After the simple onboarding process, each community member has the opportunity to add value to the project, whether it be through a simple retweet of the project’s most recent announce or by creating a supplementary software that eases the use of the development, i.e. a blockchain scanner for a native token.

Whenever a value-added task is done, it can be documented on the dashboard. The Social Mining dashboard pulls all reported work into a news feed that is presented to all members of a community, who validate the authenticity of each reported work and then decide on how much value said task generated. Subsequently, each reported work is paid project tokens based on the amount of points the reported work received in proportion to all the points given in a reward period.

Start Earning $ONE

To participate in Social Mining, think about how YOU can add value to Harmony and how you want the platform to evolve. And don't be shy about asking people what they think before you start. That's the point of a community. You might even find others who share your ideas and want to help you make them happen. The value you bring will be scored by the community so being an engaged contributor will only help your cause.

Ultimately, the system is designed to self-organise and self-govern so patterns will begin to emerge in terms of what works and what doesn't. But we would always encourage bold and innovative thinking.

By way of inspiration here are some examples of work that can be done through Social Mining:

- Social Media Outreach: Get the word out on social channels.

- Content: Do you have design skills, love making little movies or just have the knack of writing a great sentence. Strong content helps newcomers understand Harmony and what we are about. It's a proven strategy for building community.

- Business Development: Our focus is DeFi, Data Sharing and Gaming but that doesn't mean we can't look at other usecases. We're always open to new business leads and our key partnerships started out as casual conversations.

- Partnerships: Lympo was our first full migration but Harmony's promise is to assist developers struggling with scaling issues on Ethereum and provide a strong team to follow suit. Help us get the word out there and bring new partners to the table.

- Bugs: Nobody likes bugs. Some people just love the code. If that's you then help us improve the protocol and be rewarded

- Node Scripts: Running a node is a bewildering process for the first-timer. Fortunately the community boasts some experienced heads who've created hugely helpful tools to assist people. If you're one of those people compile your work and share it to help the community and earn rewards.

This is just a short list of potential avenues to explore. Reach out, discuss, get feedback. This system is designed to benefit all and will give everybody a new avenue of utility.